Friday, December 29, 2006


Just wanted to thank you for the great service from

My Aussie in-laws love your products. Being summer over there, I wanted to send them some of your socks for Christmas, but couldn't find any locally here in Vail, CO during our winter months. So, I ordered through your Web site, and LOVED the selection, quick shipping and flat rate shipping fee.

Everything arrived before Christmas, and they love the socks.

Thanks again!


Vail, CO

Monday, December 18, 2006

MasiGuy has created a monster....

well we can't complain too much, they are mentioning us afterall. Checkout the "Daily Drive" ramblings;

The Original

The Crooked Cog
Tim Grahl

The Commuter

The Aussie

The Marketer

Happy Holidays from SockGuy!

Can you guess which hand puppets are Captain Cardboards?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I rode 2 bikes today!

Yes, you read that correctly. It was the first time in awhile that I returned from a MTB ride and had enough juice to go for a road apertif. 2 hours at Goodan Ranch on my 29er then 2 hours on the road (Riding my SS roadie), I will sleep well tonight.

CC can't figure out how to use a camera but, to keep up with the loonie's across the blog world here was my foot condom of choice today.

It's raining right now....Isn't this SoCal? It doesn't rain here. I guess no ride tomorrow.

Talk to you soon,

CC (The Captain)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Someone out there heard me talking...

about our Christmas socks...Great Googliemooglie. I got to work Monday with 140 web orders in my inbox. It wouldn't be so bad if that's all I had to process and ship but, I had retail orders to contend with as well. Thankfully "Ralph" let NickO and Sean come back to the warehouse and help me out. To make matters worse I have some kind of Flu. Body aches, nasty headaches the whole kit and kaboodle.

BTW unless we run more it looks like this years Christmas socks are soldout. Maybe we will run a samller batch. Ask your Bike Shop when you can get your toes in some "HO" socks or "Drunk Reindeer" socks.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Excerpts found on the web....

Some resemble actual employee's others not so much.....


"These two fellows pale in comparison to the ultimate, all-time numero uno misfit I have ever encountered in a club. We call him "The Guy With a Sock in His Pants," or "Sock Guy," for short. Sock Guy is an emaciated, burned-out gentleman in his late thirties. He's evidently stuck in the 80's, consistently dressing in a tight pink Le Tigre shirt, pinstriped jeans, white Capezios, and a mullet with a bleached disco tail in back. His most distinguishing characteristic, however, is an obvious bulge in his pants, which he creates by stuffing a sock in his crotch. And yes, it's a comfirmed sock. We've asked."

Knee Sock Guy

Blogography (Maybe needs a custom sock order....)

!!!News Update!!!

Masi Guy has no life outside of the blogosphere.....

No he did not 3 peat the Adams' Avenue Grand Prix, No he did not stay sober for the evening's events and no he didn't keep the Madwagon Pee Wee in tip top shape (why a man Tim's size would pick a bike that size for a race is anyone's guess).

He did in fact give me Sh*@ for not updating this blog on a regular basis however. So this one is for you Tim.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Who here hasn't at one time wanted....

to be Evel Knievel? The action, the suspense, the glory.....

Well here is your chance! With the help of Harlotwear you to can have wool knee socks with Knievel-like stars running up the back of your legs!

Features include:

*Great quality Sock Guy wool sock
*Superior wool blend for strength and durability
*Itch-free coziness in a kneehigh length - perfect for under armor
*Keep feet warm and dry in all weather conditions
*Arch reads "e=mc2" because Einstein was a rock star

Harlot Wear calls them Einstein but, I think they have missed a great marketing feature.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

SockGuy Aerobooties spotted in Denver....

Can you tell me who this racer is?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Employee of the Day (10/26/06)

Well, what can I say without embarassing or offending this person.....


This person doesn't ride a bike (but, does like running), doesn't like Croc's (but does like flip flops), doesn't like Starbucks (but does like the Coffee Bean) and doesn't like Jay-Z (but does like pretty much any other Hip Hop).

She is one of the few people here that has a groove on the dance floor (that doesn't look like some sort of epileptic spasm). She works in our Custom Sock Department........

Introducing Michelle!

Ooops! Where did this come from? No, this isn't Michelle but, she is a real knockout.

Job Security

That's what I call the predicament that I am in. I have been shipping a plethora (Wow two big words, all that reading is helping Capt Cardboards vocabulary) of orders since Interbike. The orders keep rolling in and 90% of them are rolling out. Good Times!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Employee of the Day (10/23/06)

Maybe this person is the employee of the day since they are on vacationand they can't see what I am typing about them......

This person likes pretending to be Mia Hamm (female soccer player), wears Pink women's accessories (belts, backpacks, shoes...), has strange grabbing habits while drinking and laughs very loudly everyday. Yes this one is taken as well........

Introducing Derek!

As seen in this photo he somehow dresses himself every morning. Nevermind the two vixens in the photo with him. That's the closest he has gotten to another woman other than his wife in a long time.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Employee of the day (10/19/06)

This person definitely is the hardest working of the lot. Plus she has to put up the pranks around the office, our attitudes and deal with the clients.

Introducing Rhonda!

Rhonda's attributes include (but aren't limited to) out of context stories about her home life, giggly personality, crunch numbers with the best of them, ability to drink wine (and show up at work without a hangover) and a fun frat mom for us Sock fools.

Rhonda runs our accounting department. The 2R's (Ryan and Rhonda) keep the wheels on this bus rolling. Thanks Rhonda!

Three questions; Rhonda where was this picture taken, who are those ruffians and where did you body go...?

Testimonials for today....

Donny Quixote

Jeff Kerkove Endurance Racer

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Employee of the day

Sorry ladies this one is taken.

His attributes include talking to himself in a Austin Powers like accent, telling himself hourly that he is a handsome devil, sells a Sh@*&load of socks and drives a car that most hot young girls drive.

Introducing our Inside Sales Guy for the Northern half of the US....SeanD!

Ooops, where did that come from....

Well, looks like the puppet got around....

Here he is.....that sexy devil! Captain Cardboard just threw up in his mouth when he typed that.

Really, really poor camera phone photo's....

Here is NickO sporting the ever popular SockGuy Bugaboo's* sock system.

This is Norm he is showing off his pair of our "SPU" VLE (Very Limited Edition) sock.

And Last but certainly not least, This is MasiGuy showing that he not only wears SG socks on his feet he likes wearing them in his back pockets!

* Bugaboo sock system- "The world's first convertible sock", Yes that's straight from the packaging.
Hiking? Wear the sock and warmer on a cold morning. Remove the warmer when the temperature rises in the afternoon. In the evening put them back on or use the warmers on your arms.
Rock Climbing? Remove the sock and snug the warmer next to your climbing shoe with the stirrup.
It's not just a sock, it's a piece of equipment!

Yes, they are available! They come in three delicious flavors; Veal (tan), Seaweed (Green) and Haggis (Ash Gray).

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Crank Brother Grand Prix of Cyclocross

Here is Brandon Dwight's recount of last weekends USGP race.

Chocolate, Waffles and Cross

SG is worldwide!

SilverFish UK

Silverfish posted on their site that we were voted "Best MTB Sock" in a MTB magazine in UK, What Mountain Bike.

Good job guy's (and gal's)!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

From the Timmy archives, a blast from the past....

A picture is worth a couple of words....(MasiGuy)

Random photo's found online....

(SPAM sock from the 2007 Masi Catalog)
(WC stripe Royale from Flickr)
(Dopers Suck sock from
(I Heart Bikes sock from Flickr)

Have any photo's of your favorite SockGuy socks? Send them to; shipping-at-sockguy-dot-com.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Some great testimonials coming in....

"Hi Michael,
This is Angela Sucich, the person who came up to the Sock Guy office upstairs at Interbike to look at the posters on the wall and admire your Atari setup. It was cool to see people enjoying themselves and just having a laugh together at the "office"—everyone up there seemed to have a good sense of humor. That explains why your socks are so fun.
I just wanted to email and let you know that it’s so nice to gear up for a ride by deciding what my mood is and slipping on a pair of your socks that sum up that mood perfectly. Thanks for making dressing fun.

Best Regards,
Angela Sucich

From the Crooked Cog Network

Lot's of SockGuy socks....

Sock's to impress your friends

Evil is everywhere

Although I would hate to draw your attention away

from the last post....

It has become my knowledge that Robin Williams was on Letterman last night wearing our Chinese Peace socks.

Come on now Robin, why are you advertising a sock we don't make anymore? If you want to help SG why not wear our Doper's Suck or Beaver?

Robin Williams on The Late Show
Go to "Big Show Highlights" on the main page

Now back to the Dance moves.....

Monday, October 09, 2006

The latest in dance crazes.....

"The Cady"

The first step is to leg kick and add some hand actions. It could be your normal pointing in the sky, pointing at your friend or pointing at the ground. In this case it's more of a "picking up the toaster" or a lazy robot.


The next step is to act like you sleeping in a sleeping bag but, standing up. Sort of like a "doing the Zombie" but, you have to keep you head down. Pictures don't give this dance justice. While in cocoon form your should twist your shoulders and ONLY YOUR SHOULDERS. No hip movement allowed!

Captain Cardboard danced with several ladies this weekend and I think it had to do with my hip new dance moves.


More from Interbike....

Here is NickO trying to get a raise from his new boss, Scott.

Friday, October 06, 2006

This is what happens when Sharon

Let's Derek wear whatever he wants.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This is kind of weird.

Plus I am not too sure who took this but, it was definitely taken from the second floor of our booth.

We all made friends at Interbike

Some scarier than others......

Sunday, October 01, 2006

We're back from Interbike!

That was a great show for us. Lot's of new dealers, bunch of new custom accounts and we introduced our new National Sales Manager, Scott Carley. How weird it must have been for him...His first day working for the company was Interbike, yikes.

The SockGuy penthouse was a hit again this year with our clients. To step it up a notch I brought along my Atari. took a photo of the setup.

Hollywood from stopped by the booth to say hey and to find out what the latest and greatest was. We had some pimp Limited Editions but, he wanted a photo of our Evil Crews. Here is the result;

Meet Charlotte our very own in house Art Department. If your shop, team or club has ordered custom socks from us in the past 7 months, chances are Charlotte has designed them. She has also designed all of our 2007 lineup and the LE socks for Interbike.

Somehow Captain Cardboard was invited to her wedding this coming weekend. There is a reason why the Captain isn't invited to too many weddings.....

Monday, September 25, 2006

Interbike here we come!

Our retail sales team left for Vegas this morning, which leaves Capt Cardboard, the Custom Team and the slave driver. We all head out in the morning. Our promo socks got here today and Wow! These are going to fly out of the booth....

I am going to try and post some Interbike news. Definitely after the show I will have some stories to tell....maybe.

We are also introducing a new member of our Team at the show. I am sure there will be a press release in the future.

Talk to you soon,
Capt. Cardboard

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

SoCal Cross season started this weekend!

SockGuy shoe covers finished 1st and 6th (Cat A) in this weekends starting race, the Muckenthaler Cross. Congrats go out to Brent Prenzlow and John Behrens!


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Look for these suave devils at Interbike....

I don't know if we will need a sweater in Vegas but, you never know! These are our Limited Edition Puma sweater jackets (I think I know why they were Limited). The design
on the front looks like Atari Space Invaders.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Something EVIL this way comes....

Evil Cycling

Interbike is just around the bend. Are we ready and kicking...well not really. Catalogs should be here this week, that will be a relief. Thankfully most companies are in the same boat as we are....running around like chickens with our heads chopped off.

If you make it to the show stop by and bring me a beer or a Red bull, I'll need it. Rumor has it there might be some Limited limited edition Promo socks at the show....

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's been a long time....

Well, let's see. New socks are rolling in rapidly. We have approximately 12 new styles instock including Evil, Red Dragon, Relax, etc. Where am I going to put the new styles? Good Question.

We're getting some good feedback and reviews from our customers, Keep'em coming!

Mom always said "Be sure to put on clean socks! If you get hit by a bus, I don't want the people at the hospital to say, What sort of parent lets their kid go out with dirty socks!"

Monday, August 28, 2006

Blog Links.....

Do you have a Blog that has any relation to technical socks? How about a story about socks (That I can publish....weirdo)?

Blog Links:
East Coast Representin'.......

Joe Biker's blog
Joe hails from Cincinnati (or Northern Kentucky whichever way you look at it). Joe has a funny article on "Tall" socks. We decided to throw some of our "Tall" socks his way.

Blue Collar MTB
Tim is out in Virginia (I think....). He has some great articles on his blog. This one is about his latest fall (check the last photo for sock content). Tim also runs numerous other Bike Blogs at Crooked Cog Blog Network.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Sock Preview.....

SockGuy’s new and improved single knit, single layer, ROYALE GT socks have a revolutionary air-cooled mesh sole, a sweet dual ankle exhaust system and a cold air intake mesh upper to create the most comfortable high performance sock on the market today. These improvements provide even lower weight and increase the sock's comfort and breathability for the ultimate in race performance and style. Our new Royale GT’s have a 5” ribbed cuff and an *invisible flat toe seam for an unbelievable fit the pros prefer.

*The foot form unfortunately does not show off the flat seam as well as an actual foot will.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Monday, August 14, 2006

2007 Blue Flames Race Proven!

This past weekend Team Konica Minolta raced "Rund Om Hainlette" and the "Sparkassen Giro" in Germany. They rocked our new Blue Flame socks in both races.

Checkout Team Konica Minolta at their site.

Great article about us on

"Fit: SockGuy socks come in two unisex sizes: Small-Medium and Large-XL. They use spandex in the sock to give a Stretch-To-Fit™ sizing system. Ribbing provides arch support and helps keep the sock in place. The anatomic heel design also keeps the sock from bunching. Unlike many socks with ribbing around the arch, I got no bunion pain from these socks. I was also pleased that they came out of the washer and dryer the same size as they went in - that's a big sore point with me for some other sock manufacturers....

Fun Designs: SockGuy socks have fun designs on the cuff and even throughout the sock. These socks would make great "stocking stuffer" gifts for any active person. I look forward to adding to my SockGuy collection! The drawback - hmm, I'd have to buy a couple pairs of each design in case I lose one to the Washing Machine Monster."

Story by Wendy Bumgardner

To read the rest of the article please click here.

Photo courtesy of

Friday, August 11, 2006

Can you guess this SockGuy's name?

(SG wasn't around in 1990, so yes those are 100% cotton tube socks)

Tim you have a guess?

First person to guess correctly wins a pair of Wanker socks (you have to send your address and answer to shipping at sockguy dot com)!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Get Out The Vote!

We made some wristbands for the Get Out The Vote organizations around the USA. They will be handed out at the rallies put on by GOTV.