Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SockGuy Bro

Josh, Brother of SockGuy Owner, accompanied by his adoring fans/children gets ready for the Portland half marathon Race for the Roses. Although unofficially sponsored by Nike (wife works there!) he can't get enough of those SockGuy Elite-Tech Wool socks. "These are the best socks in the world Ryan!...Can I get a few more pairs?" Just goes to show that nepotism and free socks will always win out over global brand domination. It doesn't hurt that the socks are just really that good too!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bike to Work Day

The 7th annual Bike to Work week in Iowa was a great success, sponsored by Bike Iowa , the event has inspired thousands riders and educates motorists on bike safety.

The purposes of Bike to Work Week is to encourage people to try bike commuting, increase cycling awareness and promote a healthy alternative form of transportation.

SockGuy has provided custom socks for the past 3 years keeping commuters feet happy! Check out the Bike Iowa website, its an extensive network of all things cycling! Curb your car and start pedaling!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Chuckin' and Rollin' with former SockGuy Intern

The MTB crew occasionally like to give roadies a hard time.  When the two minds of cycling collide verbal sparring is generally characterized by luving comments like "spandex wearing pansy" and the like.  Sunday's Tour de Donuts Ride might just leave the MTB crowd fretfully wondering if their miles spent on sketchy single-track prove they have guts like these San Diego area roadies.

Add a few donuts and one more consonant to a morning spin and suddenly you've one-upped the "Huck and Roll" crowd with a 50 mile "Chuck and Roll" adventure.  

SockGuy's favorite collegiate team (yeah check out their sweet custom gear!), UCSD, hosted their annual Tour de Donuts this past weekend and we are extra proud to share that former SG intern/whipping boy, Alex Jarman, proved no guts no glory with 18 donuts in his belly as he crossed the finish line.  Nothing like a polka-dotted jersey to really highlight that Krispy Kreme physique. Congrats Alex! Now just remember the next time you visit SockGuy we're partial to VG's.