Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Judi O. Bombin' in Scotts Valley, CA

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Thanks for supporting my slalom skating. I placed second at the Gorge Games last weekend. The finals were filmed by Fox TV which will air in August. Not sure if they will show much of the women but I made the 1-2 round in both events and placed second next to the 5X world champion who is 9 years younger and has no kids! Great venue. The qualifying was in front of Dakine and Full Sail Ale the next day the Finals were downtown on Oak Street with hundreds of spectators. Thanks for the socks. They announced that one of the races were for all the mom's and I got a huge group of cheers. The socks were a hit!"

- Judi O., Zero Motorcycles

Judi is rockin' the SockGuy "MOM" socks.