Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SockGuy Spotted on Andy Schlect:)

We strive to make the best of the best and we're always happy to receive requests from top athletes around the world for a bit of SockGuy LUV.

Nobody in the office however is 'fessing up to swiping this pair from the SockGuy warehouse for their young friend from Luxembourg. We're not sure why - obviously the bosses would not consider this "misuse of company property."

Photographer Stephen Farrand was the man on the scene that caught Andy Schleck at a news conference today sporting his own pair of SockGuy's LUX crew!

Thanks for representin' Andy.
We LUV you too.

Monday, July 19, 2010

SockGuy on Summer Vacation Part 1

Spreading the LUV all over your adventurous feet!

SockGuy was recently spotted at the Grand Canyon! Mike and Liz sent this shot of themselves sportin' Watermelon and California Flag during one of their summer adventures along the Rainbow Rim Trail. Now that's LUV.

If you have your own pix of SockGuy in action feel free to send them to: and if we pick you photo you'll earn a discount on your next purchase at

Enjoy the summer in cool comfort and LUV!