Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Someone out there heard me talking...

about our Christmas socks...Great Googliemooglie. I got to work Monday with 140 web orders in my inbox. It wouldn't be so bad if that's all I had to process and ship but, I had retail orders to contend with as well. Thankfully "Ralph" let NickO and Sean come back to the warehouse and help me out. To make matters worse I have some kind of Flu. Body aches, nasty headaches the whole kit and kaboodle.

BTW unless we run more it looks like this years Christmas socks are soldout. Maybe we will run a samller batch. Ask your Bike Shop when you can get your toes in some "HO" socks or "Drunk Reindeer" socks.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Excerpts found on the web....

Some resemble actual employee's others not so much.....


"These two fellows pale in comparison to the ultimate, all-time numero uno misfit I have ever encountered in a club. We call him "The Guy With a Sock in His Pants," or "Sock Guy," for short. Sock Guy is an emaciated, burned-out gentleman in his late thirties. He's evidently stuck in the 80's, consistently dressing in a tight pink Le Tigre shirt, pinstriped jeans, white Capezios, and a mullet with a bleached disco tail in back. His most distinguishing characteristic, however, is an obvious bulge in his pants, which he creates by stuffing a sock in his crotch. And yes, it's a comfirmed sock. We've asked."

Knee Sock Guy

Blogography (Maybe needs a custom sock order....)

!!!News Update!!!

Masi Guy has no life outside of the blogosphere.....

No he did not 3 peat the Adams' Avenue Grand Prix, No he did not stay sober for the evening's events and no he didn't keep the Madwagon Pee Wee in tip top shape (why a man Tim's size would pick a bike that size for a race is anyone's guess).

He did in fact give me Sh*@ for not updating this blog on a regular basis however. So this one is for you Tim.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Who here hasn't at one time wanted....

to be Evel Knievel? The action, the suspense, the glory.....

Well here is your chance! With the help of Harlotwear you to can have wool knee socks with Knievel-like stars running up the back of your legs!

Features include:

*Great quality Sock Guy wool sock
*Superior wool blend for strength and durability
*Itch-free coziness in a kneehigh length - perfect for under armor
*Keep feet warm and dry in all weather conditions
*Arch reads "e=mc2" because Einstein was a rock star

Harlot Wear calls them Einstein but, I think they have missed a great marketing feature.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

SockGuy Aerobooties spotted in Denver....

Can you tell me who this racer is?