Monday, August 28, 2006

Blog Links.....

Do you have a Blog that has any relation to technical socks? How about a story about socks (That I can publish....weirdo)?

Blog Links:
East Coast Representin'.......

Joe Biker's blog
Joe hails from Cincinnati (or Northern Kentucky whichever way you look at it). Joe has a funny article on "Tall" socks. We decided to throw some of our "Tall" socks his way.

Blue Collar MTB
Tim is out in Virginia (I think....). He has some great articles on his blog. This one is about his latest fall (check the last photo for sock content). Tim also runs numerous other Bike Blogs at Crooked Cog Blog Network.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Sock Preview.....

SockGuy’s new and improved single knit, single layer, ROYALE GT socks have a revolutionary air-cooled mesh sole, a sweet dual ankle exhaust system and a cold air intake mesh upper to create the most comfortable high performance sock on the market today. These improvements provide even lower weight and increase the sock's comfort and breathability for the ultimate in race performance and style. Our new Royale GT’s have a 5” ribbed cuff and an *invisible flat toe seam for an unbelievable fit the pros prefer.

*The foot form unfortunately does not show off the flat seam as well as an actual foot will.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Monday, August 14, 2006

2007 Blue Flames Race Proven!

This past weekend Team Konica Minolta raced "Rund Om Hainlette" and the "Sparkassen Giro" in Germany. They rocked our new Blue Flame socks in both races.

Checkout Team Konica Minolta at their site.

Great article about us on

"Fit: SockGuy socks come in two unisex sizes: Small-Medium and Large-XL. They use spandex in the sock to give a Stretch-To-Fit™ sizing system. Ribbing provides arch support and helps keep the sock in place. The anatomic heel design also keeps the sock from bunching. Unlike many socks with ribbing around the arch, I got no bunion pain from these socks. I was also pleased that they came out of the washer and dryer the same size as they went in - that's a big sore point with me for some other sock manufacturers....

Fun Designs: SockGuy socks have fun designs on the cuff and even throughout the sock. These socks would make great "stocking stuffer" gifts for any active person. I look forward to adding to my SockGuy collection! The drawback - hmm, I'd have to buy a couple pairs of each design in case I lose one to the Washing Machine Monster."

Story by Wendy Bumgardner

To read the rest of the article please click here.

Photo courtesy of

Friday, August 11, 2006

Can you guess this SockGuy's name?

(SG wasn't around in 1990, so yes those are 100% cotton tube socks)

Tim you have a guess?

First person to guess correctly wins a pair of Wanker socks (you have to send your address and answer to shipping at sockguy dot com)!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Get Out The Vote!

We made some wristbands for the Get Out The Vote organizations around the USA. They will be handed out at the rallies put on by GOTV.

TOP SECRET...............Well not really....

Here are a couple of the 2007 socks starting to roll in and are available for purchase.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Downieville Classic

"The cross country race is twenty eight RUGGED miles through California’s richest and most scenic gold country, Sierra County. The course starts at the base of the Sierra Buttes in the mountain town of Sierra City. Views of the North Yuba River canyon and the surrounding Sierra inspire and discourage riders at the same moment. Eight miles and 3,000 feet of climb up the face of the Sierra Buttes gets the party started early. This stretch of the course to Packer Saddle, elev. 7,100’, is known to many racers as the Trail of Tears.After cresting the saddle, gathering senses, and grabbing refreshments, riders make their way into beautiful Gold Valley. On the way they must endure the rocky stretch of jeep road referred to as “Baby Heads”. During the race this section of road is lined with riders fixing flats and patching body wounds.Once in Gold Valley racers reach the trailhead for Pauley Creek trail. The 17 mile, 5,500’ singletrack descent on Pauley Creek provides a perfect ending to this unique adventure race.4,400’ ascent with 5,700’ descent. That’s how we do it up here!"
From the Downieville Classic website

One of our local fans, Tony Little, raced wearing our old kit. Tony can be spotted rolling the coast in our current kit, Camo, in both green and pink. Tony is one of the brave souls that rocks the pink Camo in public (Captain Cardboard wears it as well, although I weigh 150 lbs more.). Tony finished the Singlespeed Open Class in the top 15! Congrat's T that course is a hilly bitch.

Hello Sock Guy!
Just want to say how much I love your socks. I have about 10 pairs so far-- all different. They sure are comfy and way cool!

Alexandra Kuman

Monday, August 07, 2006

From the haunts of coot and hern....

"Socks are wicked... look for them all over the new Rocky catalogue and on a NORBA podium near you... I have given them out to everyone on our team, they are a hit... check it out!

Rocky Mountain"

Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Tutu's for Tata's

You gotta love a name like that. We all love the cause, Healthy Breasts. (Hell yeah!)

The Tutus for Tata's team just walked the San Fran Avon 3 Day and sported our Hottie socks. Pink Tutus, Pink socks, Pink, Pink, Pink.... Even some guys wore those damn tutu's and we love them for it.

Avon Foundation

This article was sent in by SockGuy's very own pink tutu wearing sales guy, Derek.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Sock Naming Contest!

If these were to enter the SG 2007 line what would be there names? Each sock needs a short, ridiculous name that pertains to the design. For example for the spilt wine "Party Foul" (Yes, that's my guess and you can't have that one!). If we choose your guess, when they are produced I will send you a set.

Remember Tim, one name per sock!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

This comment has been edited to protect the innocent.....

"Dear Sock Guy,

I live in the Bay Area. The other day I was wearing the blue "Peace" socks. However, as I was riding through China Town on my fixie, some Chinese merchant started yelling at me. I kept going. Soon, a hoard of yelling Chinese store keepers were running after me. One of them stuck a broom in my wheel and I came crashing down. They beat me really bad. All because they said the socks didn't say "Peace"...... There seemed to be some confusion on the exact translation. Not to mention I could barely understand them. I thought they kept saying "Fried Rice"??? Can you check to make sure it really says "Peace"?

Biker Guy"

I get all kinds of comments on this thing.