Tuesday, October 27, 2009

From Deep in the Murk...

Chipps Chippendale (we have not yet determined whether or not that is a stage name) rockin' some bright and shiny SockGuy Arm Warmers during the Scottish Cyclocross Series at Mugdock - an impressively named mud producing town north of Glasgow. A brilliant display in many ways if we do say so ourselves.

These rather vibrant pair of Arm Warmers were part of SockGuy's Interbike promo items in Las Vegas this year - a neon test market of sorts. Now that we've had so many requests for this design we may just have to knit some up for the wall flowers of the world.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Hot Damn that's Some Foot Wear!

Hot Damn that's Some Foot Wear!

Cadel Evans was out debuting his newly earned World Champ stripes at the Coppa Sabatini yesterday - right down to his fancy
new shoes; paired quite well with a some SockGuy LUV.

The new stripes weren't
even Cadel's biggest news of the day. Busting out of the pack and burning up the break's reserves, The Champ helped fellow Silence-Lotto teammate, Philippe Gilbert out-sprint Giovanni Visconti to the finish line.

It's nice having friends in high places.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Cheers to Our Favorite Mate from Down Under

We're rarely short on a reason to toast around SockGuy, but when one of our favorites whoops some serious booty and becomes the World Champ, it's definitely time to upgrade from the free macro-brews we enjoyed at Interbike last week.

Cheers Cadel! We're breaking out the top shelf bevies. It's been a challenging year and we're all so happy to see you on the top of the podium.

Cadel Evans garnered some serious LUV around SockGuy HQ last year when he asked us to make him a few Free Tibet base layers to wear during the Spring Classics. When his political statement ruffled feathers with the Chinese Olympic Committee he stuck to his guns; putting his weight behind the cause of the Tibetan people. Between our mutual LUV for the worthy cause and the "mild" disdain for authority found around the halls of SockGuy - the bro-mance was guaranteed.

We've been proud to support Cadel and his compadres on the Silence-Lotto team over the past two years. We look forward to Cadel schooling the whipper snappers on the circuit with some more "ferocious" and "devastating" attacks. Gives all of us thirty-somethings a reason to say "HOLLAAAAA!"