Monday, August 14, 2006

2007 Blue Flames Race Proven!

This past weekend Team Konica Minolta raced "Rund Om Hainlette" and the "Sparkassen Giro" in Germany. They rocked our new Blue Flame socks in both races.

Checkout Team Konica Minolta at their site.

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Jesus rider said...

Im a Christian ,and am concerned that most of your logos are of a humorous,or sarcastic nature, like "Bitch", "Slut", and "Hottie". Why not use this oppertunity to grow the lord's love, and spread a positive message. I know that "sex" sells, but Jesus saves, and ones soul is more important than a quick buck ! I could probly get a pool going from our prayer/ riding group, and purchase a few dozen custom socks. What is your minemum, or do you already make something with a cross, or any other true message socks? Keep up the great work, Think positive and spread te lord's love in all ways possible, peace and happiness, God bless. Jose