Thursday, August 21, 2008

There is a SockGal !

If you have every wondered, "if there is a SockGuy, then who is the SockGal?" Well we have the answer! Her name is Lola and she resides in Ohio, here is her story...

" The triathlon was a point to point tri. We were to put our running shoes, and anything else we'd need for the run, in a bag with our number on it. I put my running shoes in the bag and had every intention of dropping it off at the designated spot before the swim. When I went to put my shirt from the race in my car, I must have dropped my shoe bag in my car at that time. So, after riding my bike 27 miles, I hopped off to begin the 10k run. The volunteers directed me to the place where my number 11 shoes would be, but I only found the bag my wetsuit was in. I couldn't run in bike shoes, so I took off in my socks. My SockGuy socks!

Actually, I didn't do so bad running in only my socks and actually passed 3 people who were running in shoes. So, I wanted you to know... NO HOLES in my socks or my feet! :-) "

So there you have it! Lola finished the 10k running portion of a triathlon wearing nothing but SockGuy socks on her feet! (Terry Precision custom socks)
In our book, that makes her a true SockGal!

Congratulations Lola!

Monday, August 04, 2008

"SockGuy" paying a lot of attention to those things we all walk on.

Click on this link to read the review of SockGuy by ASilverTouch a WebZine from the UK.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Judi O. Bombin' in Scotts Valley, CA

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Thanks for supporting my slalom skating. I placed second at the Gorge Games last weekend. The finals were filmed by Fox TV which will air in August. Not sure if they will show much of the women but I made the 1-2 round in both events and placed second next to the 5X world champion who is 9 years younger and has no kids! Great venue. The qualifying was in front of Dakine and Full Sail Ale the next day the Finals were downtown on Oak Street with hundreds of spectators. Thanks for the socks. They announced that one of the races were for all the mom's and I got a huge group of cheers. The socks were a hit!"

- Judi O., Zero Motorcycles

Judi is rockin' the SockGuy "MOM" socks.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Toyota-United’s Justin England Wins 48th Annual Nevada City Classic

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Bend, OR– Justin England makes late solo attack to claim his first win as a member of the Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team at the Nevada City Classic. In what is considered by many cycling aficionados to be the toughest one-day race in America, and is the second oldest race in America, the 48th annual Nevada City Classic has been a platform for some of the great American legends of the sport to show their skills and strength over the decades. Past winners include 3-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond and 7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.
Photos courtesy of Action Images & Veronika Lenzi (as credited on photos only)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ricola Twilight Criterium

Triple fist pump for the SG sponsored teams Toyota United and Inferno Racing podium ascent at the Ricola Twilight Criterium. Congrats to Dominique Rollin and Jeff Hopkins.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Our current F.N.G. here at SockGuy is this crazy kook seen here on his new bike. Since he just started working here he hasnt saved up enough money to get the new IF bike, so this will have to do for now. It actually came in handy during the 1st Annual Tour de Mission Beach, although Jason was the 1st loser!

Ride On F.N.G., Ride On.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hoehn Del Mar Crit - March 22

Come One, Come All... to the Pre-Easter Del Mar Crit! Who Knows? You may even get to witness the ellusive band Six Drink Minimum!
Swamis will be tearing it up in their new custom socks by SockGuy.

What's Wrong with This Picture?

Everything except the exposure!
We have a grown man in a puppy costume with SockGuy Green pool floaties, Raybans and brown sneakers on the beach on a Wednesday! Get Back to Work, Dog!

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Del Mar Crit

“At the Del Mar Criterium on March 12th, Caleb Manion and Hilton Clarke worked together and lapped the field with one other rider, but it was Hilton Clarke winning the race and teammate Caleb Manion in 3rd. The highlight of their night was surely receiving the coveted SockGuy Del Mar Criterium Winner’s socks. Now Hilton will have to decide between his SockGuy Team Issue socks or his SockGuy Podium socks!”
Matt Davio, Communications Director - Toyota United

Monday, March 10, 2008

1st Annual Tour de Mission Beach

This photo was taken at the Tour de Mission Beach Big Wheel Event on March 9th.
These girls were just admiring the hardware on the Green Machine.. the main event was for adults only. As we have learned, Big Wheels and Beer dont mix! Not to worry, 2nd Annual Event will be this time next year... start looking for you plastic wheels now!

Monday, March 03, 2008

LA Marathon & Go For It Sports

Go For It Sports had a spectacular sock display at the Recent LA Marathon. SockGuy also created the custom socks for the event.

Best Friends LUV SockGuy

Our newest Mobile Advertising campaign... "Forest" here, seems thrilled!

Tutus for Tatas

Tutus for Tatas 2007 Avon Walk Team continued to wear SockGuy “Hottie” socks though the walk & crew duties this last July. This photo was taken during closing ceremonies when all the Hottie Sock wearers were gathered.
Photographer, Unknown.

Team Riddler

Team Riddler was sporting some bright green SockGuy custom socks which matched the kits exactly!

Tim, the art director from Crank Brothers, rocking our custom baselayer!