Sunday, November 26, 2006

!!!News Update!!!

Masi Guy has no life outside of the blogosphere.....

No he did not 3 peat the Adams' Avenue Grand Prix, No he did not stay sober for the evening's events and no he didn't keep the Madwagon Pee Wee in tip top shape (why a man Tim's size would pick a bike that size for a race is anyone's guess).

He did in fact give me Sh*@ for not updating this blog on a regular basis however. So this one is for you Tim.

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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

You are so busted...

A) I didn't 3-peat because the race was rigged.
2) I didn't pick the bike, I was told I had to race what they gave me to race... and Dan rigged the bike to kill me! The rear wheel pulled out of the dropout, the chain came off and I "supermanned" the bike across the street as soon as I stood on the pedals.
F) I will get you and your little dog too... Mister!

Oh yeah, and I was at least as sober as you... and your Evil socks.