Monday, December 07, 2009

SockGuy Spotted in Utah Cyclocross Race

Fort Buevnaventura State Park in Ogden Utah.

The final day of Utah Cyclocross Season. A great turnout despite cold weather and challenging conditions.

Could those electrically-charged, supa-pow-wah Arm Warmers have helped this young buck surge ahead? Possibly. Alert deer hunters to the distinction between said young buck and members of Bambi's kith and kin? Definitely.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Presently Surprised by our Tall Frosty and this Santa's LUV for Sabbath?

'Tis the season of peace, joy, LUV, and family.
It's no time to abandon your
sense of humor.

Keep your Cool Comfort, your affection for coal, and get yourself some
of this year's limited edition
holiday stockings:
I Heart Coal, Winter Wonderland, Santa Rocks, and Frosty.

Plus something for the elf-sized sock LUV'ers!

Buy 4 pair of adult socks and
get 1 pair of
our children's socks for FREE.
Just add your kids sock selection to your socking cart
and use the promo code: LUVELVES.
(Be sure to click "Recalculate").

With some socks and some mistletoe,
we'll be
Spreading the LUV to big, small, naughty and nice.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

From Deep in the Murk...

Chipps Chippendale (we have not yet determined whether or not that is a stage name) rockin' some bright and shiny SockGuy Arm Warmers during the Scottish Cyclocross Series at Mugdock - an impressively named mud producing town north of Glasgow. A brilliant display in many ways if we do say so ourselves.

These rather vibrant pair of Arm Warmers were part of SockGuy's Interbike promo items in Las Vegas this year - a neon test market of sorts. Now that we've had so many requests for this design we may just have to knit some up for the wall flowers of the world.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Hot Damn that's Some Foot Wear!

Hot Damn that's Some Foot Wear!

Cadel Evans was out debuting his newly earned World Champ stripes at the Coppa Sabatini yesterday - right down to his fancy
new shoes; paired quite well with a some SockGuy LUV.

The new stripes weren't
even Cadel's biggest news of the day. Busting out of the pack and burning up the break's reserves, The Champ helped fellow Silence-Lotto teammate, Philippe Gilbert out-sprint Giovanni Visconti to the finish line.

It's nice having friends in high places.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Cheers to Our Favorite Mate from Down Under

We're rarely short on a reason to toast around SockGuy, but when one of our favorites whoops some serious booty and becomes the World Champ, it's definitely time to upgrade from the free macro-brews we enjoyed at Interbike last week.

Cheers Cadel! We're breaking out the top shelf bevies. It's been a challenging year and we're all so happy to see you on the top of the podium.

Cadel Evans garnered some serious LUV around SockGuy HQ last year when he asked us to make him a few Free Tibet base layers to wear during the Spring Classics. When his political statement ruffled feathers with the Chinese Olympic Committee he stuck to his guns; putting his weight behind the cause of the Tibetan people. Between our mutual LUV for the worthy cause and the "mild" disdain for authority found around the halls of SockGuy - the bro-mance was guaranteed.

We've been proud to support Cadel and his compadres on the Silence-Lotto team over the past two years. We look forward to Cadel schooling the whipper snappers on the circuit with some more "ferocious" and "devastating" attacks. Gives all of us thirty-somethings a reason to say "HOLLAAAAA!"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

How you get there is more important than when you get there...

Look closely...some serious pro teams in the break that formed off these attacks during Stage 2 of the Tour of Utah. But we of course have some special LUV for those good cats with the RideClean organization. Yeah, that's one of them - right up front looking hot. Did you notice the socks?

SockGuy sponsored RideClean was the only amateur team represented in the break that formed and stayed away for 60 miles. Yee-haw! The team also had the top amateur finisher after 6 grueling days in the saddle.

The best part is the philosophy that powers this team. Seriously check this trailer out. I'm a sucker for a good sports montage and this one might be up there with some of those weep-worthy NBA finals' highlight reels.

By taking the “ride clean and the rest will follow” approach, RideClean brings their positive focus to the pure sport of cycling and support for clean athletes, ultimately working to reconnect the discouraged and disillusioned to the beauty of the sport.

To help support all this goodness we're offering RideClean Socks and Arm Warmers that look great and do good too. SockGuy is giving 10% of the proceeds from every RIDE CLEAN Sock and Arm Warmer sale to the RIDE CLEAN mission.

RideClean and the rest will follow...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Robin Willliams Rockin' SockGuy's Chinese Peace

With his ticker on the mend we were happy to hear that Robin Williams is back on his bike and happy to see him sporting his SockGuy Chinese Peace socks on Conan the other night.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Ride Clean Argyle

Rockin’ the new RIDE CLEAN SockGuy socks at the

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SockGuy Bro

Josh, Brother of SockGuy Owner, accompanied by his adoring fans/children gets ready for the Portland half marathon Race for the Roses. Although unofficially sponsored by Nike (wife works there!) he can't get enough of those SockGuy Elite-Tech Wool socks. "These are the best socks in the world Ryan!...Can I get a few more pairs?" Just goes to show that nepotism and free socks will always win out over global brand domination. It doesn't hurt that the socks are just really that good too!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bike to Work Day

The 7th annual Bike to Work week in Iowa was a great success, sponsored by Bike Iowa , the event has inspired thousands riders and educates motorists on bike safety.

The purposes of Bike to Work Week is to encourage people to try bike commuting, increase cycling awareness and promote a healthy alternative form of transportation.

SockGuy has provided custom socks for the past 3 years keeping commuters feet happy! Check out the Bike Iowa website, its an extensive network of all things cycling! Curb your car and start pedaling!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Chuckin' and Rollin' with former SockGuy Intern

The MTB crew occasionally like to give roadies a hard time.  When the two minds of cycling collide verbal sparring is generally characterized by luving comments like "spandex wearing pansy" and the like.  Sunday's Tour de Donuts Ride might just leave the MTB crowd fretfully wondering if their miles spent on sketchy single-track prove they have guts like these San Diego area roadies.

Add a few donuts and one more consonant to a morning spin and suddenly you've one-upped the "Huck and Roll" crowd with a 50 mile "Chuck and Roll" adventure.  

SockGuy's favorite collegiate team (yeah check out their sweet custom gear!), UCSD, hosted their annual Tour de Donuts this past weekend and we are extra proud to share that former SG intern/whipping boy, Alex Jarman, proved no guts no glory with 18 donuts in his belly as he crossed the finish line.  Nothing like a polka-dotted jersey to really highlight that Krispy Kreme physique. Congrats Alex! Now just remember the next time you visit SockGuy we're partial to VG's.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekend Plans for Our Favorite Kind of Grown Ups

SockGuy's teamed up this year with some of our favorite grub and bevy makers to help present the Urban Assault Ride, and not that people in San Diego watch the forecast very often but we couldn't help but note the stellar weather our pale friends to the north have this weekend:

Current: Cloudy
Wind: E at 4 mph
Humidity: 59%
Mostly Sunny
72°F | 49°F
72°F | 49°F

Yo - Seattle - if the weather was not enough to motivate you, consider big wheels maneuvered around tiny a teeny tiny course by 200 lb. dudes, your city's adventure kitties out bike jousting and perhaps the finest denouement of all - a beer garden. Still not enough?  How about these:

Offish' UAR ArmWarmers and Socks 
by SockGuy. All available  at the 
U.A.R. blog.   Check it out for details 
of recent Rides and info on the Ride's 
assault in other cities near you. 

Monday, May 11, 2009

Some Extra LUV for Armed Forces Day

This Saturday is Armed Forces Day.  
In honor of our service men and women and our wish to spread the LUVing word about theWounded Warrior ProjectSockGuy is offering 20% off any order that includes a pair of Warrior socks through May 31st.

Everything at SockGuy's made with a ton of LUV but with these socks, there's a super-galactic dose of power LUV.  These Warrior socks are life changers.  The Warrior design benefits the Wounded Warrior Project,  one of our VERY favorite advocacy organizations and its rehabilitative cycling program - the Soldier Ride.  

The Soldier Ride has been making its way around the country with visits including one back in February to the S.G. 'hood during the Tour of California and earlier this month they made a swing by D.C. to meet The Pres. 

Among the notable comments that morning was President Obama's nod to where the Soldier Ride idea was conceived.  We have to concur since without a local watering hole and a supply of tequila to sedate a horse many of the SG favorites would never see the light of day. (Arm twisting dissenters is easier when they're half in the bag and flop designs are best blamed on "the drink".)

So this month when you're cruising picking up some of those S.G. favorites you can thank the Crazy Burro Margaritas for,  please remember to add a pair of Warrior socks to your cart, enter the promo code Warrior Luv and click RECALCULATE.  We'll take the 20% discount off when we process your order. 

Spread the LUV, spread the word and join the ride.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Is it the 'stache that makes him so fast?

SockGuy fans may notice downright lightning fast order fulfillment these days.  That's what happens when you start handing stacks of orders to someone like Zack. Someone who's used to gunning each lap faster and shaving seconds off race times. (Please note the resistance to all leg shaving comments that present themselves at this point.)   

Suffice to say, most peeps who suit up in spandex, clip-in, and reserve Wednesday mornings for "training rides",  are bound to have competitive streaks.  Apparently those training rides and all that frenetic zipping back and forth between the EliteTechs and the Channel Airs is paying off for the young Zman.  Our very own kicked some lycra bootie this past Sunday up at the Dana Point Grand Prix NRC Criterium.  Nice work Zack!  Now we can all stop wondering if you were really taking all those Wednesday mornings to sleep-in while the rest of us climbed into the sock empire trenches and began the daily dig.

Little does Zack know that he is just beginning to learn about the fun to be had back in the warehouse.  Those hairy grand prix turns he shared with the hairless will seem like child's play once we bust out the green machine.  He's young, full of promise and intelligent however, so we will be careful to not make the warehouse gig too entertaining...we'd never want him to end up like this in 15 years.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Celebrating the Biggest Win of Your Career

There are very specific times when jazz hands are supremely appropriate. 

Take for instance this moment in the life and times of SockGuy athlete, Phil Zajicek, captured by Casey B. Gibson at the 2009 SRAM Tour of the Gila Stage 5.

What pray tell was the cause for such joy?  

Could it be the fact that he just crushed two of the sport's biggest names? 

Could it be that his tootsies are wrapped in SockGuy LUV?  

We'll never know for sure.  What we can tell you is the next time Phil opts to rock his white EliteTech's we just might hook a brother up with some tanning lotion for those legs. 

But seriously.  Our LUV'ing congrats to Phil on showing Lance and Levi how to tame stage 5's Gila Monster.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009
The Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund™ is a 501 c(3) charitable organization committed to being a part of finding an answer in the fight against women's cancers through raising money for scientific research, assisting the underserved and unifying people for a common cause.

Yow was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987, and passed away on January 24, 2009, after facing her third bout with the disease. In her 38 years as a head coach at the college-level, Yow was one of only six Division I head women's basketball mentors to achieve 700 career victories. Yow was also the head coach of the 1988 US Olympic Team that won the gold medal in Seoul.

SockGuy was proud to be a part of the BC vs. UNC Women's Basketball game on February 19th at Boston College by contributing these stunning limited-edition custom pink socks to all the players on the team.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pedals to Powder. And Vice-Versa.

When I first started working at SockGuy I had not ridden a bike further than 3 miles in at least 5 years. And I never wore spandex. I never intend to either, but I do actually ride my bike to work with undisciplined irregularity now. Cycling may not have invaded my soul yet, but it's wiggling in there.

At this point though, I have learned a bit about why SockGuy is so near and dear to the heart of pedalling people. And these people, these sock fans, they're opinionated! Loads of "You should's" and "Have you guys ever thought of"...well yes. We have. And 90% of it was illegal by the way. But the ski and snowboard sock thing we really were working on, thinking about, and tumbling over for, well, awhile...and when we finally brought the LUV slopeside it met rave reviews.

As someone who LUVS my snowboard more than my retired grocery-getter bike (you can't roll with that business when you work with reformed shop-rats), I was eager to see the MTN-Tech line get out there.

Apparently so were the guys at Powder Magazine. Our Bonzai ski sock was selected as an Editor's Choice this month. Check it:

F.Y.I. - 10 years of development means a boat-load of luv.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Robbie McEwen Rockin' the SockGuy Custom Made!

Check out Robbie McEwen as he wins the first race of the Tour Down Under wearing his custom "Robbie the Rocket" SockGuy socks!!

In the first major event for his new team Katusha, Robbie busts through and makes it across the finish line of the "Down Under Classic" a 51 km criterium first.

We're also stoked to welcome Robbie's compadres on team Katusha to the SockGuy fam-damily. It's been an international adventure but their package arrived and the team Katusha socks are spreading the LUV, feeling cool and lookin' hot.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hot Pink Wedding

Way to represent SockGuy on your wedding day, and spice up the standard black suit!
"... After pulling out a few different pairs of socks, she
noticed the pink Hottie sock in my drawer. She said that she wanted
me to wear the Hottie socks. Initially I thought that she was
kidding, but after asking her if she was serious she said yes. She
said that the hottie socks were more representative of who I was, fun
loving, relaxed and not straight laced. I won't go so far as to claim
that I am a hottie."