Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pedals to Powder. And Vice-Versa.

When I first started working at SockGuy I had not ridden a bike further than 3 miles in at least 5 years. And I never wore spandex. I never intend to either, but I do actually ride my bike to work with undisciplined irregularity now. Cycling may not have invaded my soul yet, but it's wiggling in there.

At this point though, I have learned a bit about why SockGuy is so near and dear to the heart of pedalling people. And these people, these sock fans, they're opinionated! Loads of "You should's" and "Have you guys ever thought of"...well yes. We have. And 90% of it was illegal by the way. But the ski and snowboard sock thing we really were working on, thinking about, and tumbling over for, well, awhile...and when we finally brought the LUV slopeside it met rave reviews.

As someone who LUVS my snowboard more than my retired grocery-getter bike (you can't roll with that business when you work with reformed shop-rats), I was eager to see the MTN-Tech line get out there.

Apparently so were the guys at Powder Magazine. Our Bonzai ski sock was selected as an Editor's Choice this month. Check it:

F.Y.I. - 10 years of development means a boat-load of luv.