Friday, November 09, 2007

News FLASH!!!

SockGuy just saved the Earth. That's right folks, SockGuy single-handedly saved the Earth by reducing the carbon emissions of all its employees this Friday. Unfortunately, there were some unintended side effects on the ride in after a wonderful breakfast at St. Germain's café in Encinitas. So if you detect a certain unpleasant odor in the air just knowthat it was worth it because now you won't have to wear SPF 2000 sunblock next year.Go SG Unit!!!!

Brent Prenzlow races cyclocross and is the top ranked Elite racer in the SoCal Cross scene.
He has podiumed 6 times this year so far (1st place four times and 3rd twice)!
It MUST be the SockGuy socks, booties and base layers!!!