Monday, June 20, 2011

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Monday, May 09, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

One of the largest single-system tornado outbreaks in United States history occurred from April 27 to 28, 2011, resulting in at least 155 confirmed tornadoes across 14 states and severe destruction during the outbreak. The death toll reached 337 across seven states, including at least 246 in Alabama.

The SockGuy factory is located in DeKalb County, Alabama, so we checked in with CJ Buttram to see how he and his 16 employees are faring.

“All of my life they’ve issued tornado warnings; this time it was a tornado emergency,” said CJ. “We were wondering what the difference was until it hit us, and then we knew!”

With tornadoes being a way of life in Alabama, CJ and his team were prepared for the storm, and everyone showed up to work on Wednesday morning as usual. “Usually we just monitor the weather and move to the center of the building if it gets bad,” he said. “But this time, after the first storm came through and they said there were going to be more … and that they were going to get worse … we shut down the factory and everyone went home.”

CJ and his business partner and wife Vickie sought shelter at their church, which has a large basement. “We went outside to see one of the tornadoes go by and couldn’t believe what we saw,” he said. “It was unreal … it was a monster!”

As soon as the storms passed, the community rallied to support victims. One of the factory employees lost her home during the storm. CJ’s sister, also an employee, made it through the storm, but during the power outages her cat knocked over a kerosene lamp and her home burned to the ground.

CJ says that of the 43 people killed within a 10 mile radius of the factory, he knew many. Countless more friends and family are struggling with losses of life, home, pets and belongings.

“We take care of each other here,” said CJ. “Someone told me that within 2 days of this storm we had done more – without federal aid yet, which started coming in this week – than was done 2 months after Hurricane Katrina. We all help each other, and nobody charges anyone for anything. We just all help out.”

The factory was without power through Sunday afternoon, and the entire team got back to work first thing Monday morning. “Our employees were amazing,” said CJ. “Everyone just got right back to work without hesitation.”

We created a special sock to raise funds to support recovery efforts in Alabama. 100% of proceeds from this sock will go directly to Alabama relief efforts.Check it out here: Sweet Home Alabama

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dealer Profile: Rock N Road Cyclery

Rock N' Road Cyclery, with stores in Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Anaheim Hills and Irvine, is one of our great dealers. We interviewed Director of Marketing Jeff Renteria to find out more about their stores. Here is what he told us:

1. What is Rock N' Road Cyclery best known for? 
Two words- Service and selection. Our goal is to make sure all of our customers (current or future) are offered the best products in the industry (like SockGuy) and that they have an enjoyable experience when they are in our stores. 

2. What do your customers love best about Rock N' Road Cyclery ?  
I think the answer is very similar to the answer to question #1.  Rock N' Road Cyclery is very passionate about the sport of cycling and that passion shows throught the quality of service and the quality of products we carry.  Our customers are always greeted by knowledgeable staff who love the sport.

3. What sports do Rock N' Road Cyclery customers enjoy?  
All forms of cycling- Mountain, Road, and Tri (which includes running and swimming)

4. What are the most popular SockGuy socks you sell?  
Custom Rock N' Road 6" crew

5. Why do you think Rock N' Road Cyclery customers like SockGuy socks?  
Our customers love the fact that SockGuy implants fun into a great product. Of course they love the superior quality of SockGuy- why not also have some great, fun styles?

6. Do you (Jeff) wear SockGuy socks? If so, what are your personal favorites?  
I do wear and love SockGuy socks.  I actually have two favorites- 1) custom Rock N' Road 6" crew.  2) any color or style of the 6" crew

7. What should everyone in the world know about Rock N' Road Cyclery?  
Rock N' Road is dedicated to offering our customers the highest quality products in the industry.  We are also dedicated to offering a retail experience that will not be forgotten.  We want our customers to enjoy the sport of cycling as much as we do.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dealer Profile: Bicycle Sport Shop

Bicycle Sport Shop is one of our great dealers, so we interviewed Purchasing Manager Chris Donahue and Catherine De Stasio to find out more about their store. Here is what they told us:

1. What is Bicycle Sport Shop best known for? 
Bicycle Sport Shop is known for our huge selection of bikes and accessories, super knowledgeable and friendly salespeople, and award-winning service.

2. What do your customers love best about Bicycle Sport Shop?
We're an Austin institution.  We've been in business here for almost 30 years, so people know they can come into any one of our three shops and always get the products, quality and service they expect.  Plus, we produce a  yearlong series of truly unique and fun cycling events for all kinds of cyclists.

3. What sports do Bicycle Sport Shop customers enjoy? 
Our customers love to ride bikes, of course.  They also just enjoy being active, staying outdoors and socializing with each other.

4. What are the most popular SockGuy socks you sell? 
Silverback Gorilla, Margarita, Shark, and Wool Star (green w/red star).  And of course the Bicycle Sport Shop custom logo socks.

5. Why do you think Bicycle Sport Shop customers like SockGuy socks? 
This is Austin.  We love anything that's creative, fun and original.

6. Do you (Catherine and Chris) wear SockGuy socks? If so, what are your personal favorites? 
We both do, and it's hard to choose a favorite,  Chris has some great pairs of limited editions, but we're partial to our Bicycle Sport Shop ones.

7. What should everyone in the world know about Bicycle Sports Shop?
We're Austin-born bike shops run by people who love bikes, and we want to help get more people on bikes, more often.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Killer Team Profile: Wonderful Pistachios

We asked team owner and director Josh Horowitz about the Wonderful Pistachios and got some great answers!

What is the mission of your team?
The mission of the team is give cycling fans something to get pumped up about.  We want to be at all the great spectator-friendly races and make them really exciting.  We also want to give away lots and lots of pistachios.  Pistachios are one of the healthiest nuts, high in fiber and anti-oxidants and we want to spread the word.

What do the riders on your team have in common?
This team has the best chemistry of any team I’ve ever been a part of.  The common bond is that we are all doing this out of love for the sport.  I think the energy that this team has will not only translate into some big wins but also rub off on everyone we come in contact with throughout the season.

What does the team do for fun?
We ride!  This sport is too hard to do it for any other reason.

How does the team push itself to succeed?
The team will be using the tools and techniques provided by our sponsor Ultimate Sports Psychology to stay motivated and focused.  Sports Psychology and Hypnosis are absolute essentials to our team’s preparation process.  Check it out at

What is something that nobody knows about the team?
The origin of this team is actually quite unique.  I was inspired to enter the sport at the age of 13 after watching the Philadelphia International Championship.  I spent my entire life working towards the goal of one day starting the race.  Twenty years later, my career was winding up and I still had not had the opportunity to do it.  I knew the only way that I was going to get to do the race was if I brought my own professional team. I created the team (last year we were Adageo Energy) and entered the race.  The first lap around the parkway was one of the greatest moments of my life.  Now I am officially retired from racing and, having accomplished my lifelong dream, I am more than happy to move into a management role.

What does your team love about SockGuy socks?
I love SockGuy.  Ryan Cady and I used to race together and I think he has created an amazing company. They are constantly innovating new designs and new materials.  The best thing you can say about a pair of cycling socks is that you hardly notice them at all and that’s the great thing about SockGuy socks.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Killer Team Profile: Team Cycles Brixton

Some of the riders from Team Cycles Brixton

1. What is the mission of your team?
To create an approachable and supportive developmental program in tandem with an elite level racing team in order to promote women's participation in competitive cycling events.

2. What do the riders on your team have in common?
Well, it's a women's team, so we're all women, and we ride Brixton bikes.  But in addition, the women on Team Cycles Brixton are not afraid to try new things; they're willing to put it all out there. They are also willing to sacrifice for the team, to work for their teammates.  These women work so well together they have been compared with some of the biggest ProTour teams in Europe.

3. What does the team do for fun?
Post-race sushi dinners at the Fish Joint in Oceanside!

4. How does the team push itself to succeed?
The women on the team encourage each other to reach their full potential.  In addition through team tactics, the women will work for each other, in that sense sacrificing to each other in order to get a teammate on the podium.
Team Cycles Brixton Riders love our "Hottie" sock!

5. What is something that nobody knows about the team?
Much of the growth of the team is sheer coincidence.  For example, we met our awesome graphics arts/team branding expert, Todd at Peloton Design at a gas station in Tucson while on a road trip because he noticed the bikes on top of our car! It's amazing how many of our sponsors and teammates came about simply by being in the right place at the right time.

6. What does your team love about SockGuy socks?
Super comfy and tons of awesome designs!