Monday, April 09, 2007

It must have been the Socks!

Frank Schroeder presents the Incycle juniors team with a check for $1,115.00!

The Schroeder Iron-Incycle team was out gunned but not out spirited at the San Dimas Stage Race. The last five laps saw the Schroeder Iron team at the front trying to position Pat for the sprint. With our tired legs we came up a bit short but Pat was able to pull off a 5th place finish for the stage and was also a respectable 5th in GC. The Team is continuing on its winning streak with wins at Boulevard, Murrieta, and Redlands.

Beavers Gone Wild!

These Photos were taken at mile 24 SAG on the Croom 50 SWAMP Club Challenge in Florida. This fine group of dedicated female mountain bike riders say, "it’s all about having fun!"