Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Some great testimonials coming in....

"Hi Michael,
This is Angela Sucich, the person who came up to the Sock Guy office upstairs at Interbike to look at the posters on the wall and admire your Atari setup. It was cool to see people enjoying themselves and just having a laugh together at the "office"—everyone up there seemed to have a good sense of humor. That explains why your socks are so fun.
I just wanted to email and let you know that it’s so nice to gear up for a ride by deciding what my mood is and slipping on a pair of your socks that sum up that mood perfectly. Thanks for making dressing fun.

Best Regards,
Angela Sucich

From the Crooked Cog Network

Lot's of SockGuy socks....

Sock's to impress your friends


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Anonymous said...

Thats some big feet! Are you sure it's a woman?