Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SockGuy Spotted on Andy Schlect:)

We strive to make the best of the best and we're always happy to receive requests from top athletes around the world for a bit of SockGuy LUV.

Nobody in the office however is 'fessing up to swiping this pair from the SockGuy warehouse for their young friend from Luxembourg. We're not sure why - obviously the bosses would not consider this "misuse of company property."

Photographer Stephen Farrand was the man on the scene that caught Andy Schleck at a news conference today sporting his own pair of SockGuy's LUX crew!

Thanks for representin' Andy.
We LUV you too.

Monday, July 19, 2010

SockGuy on Summer Vacation Part 1

Spreading the LUV all over your adventurous feet!

SockGuy was recently spotted at the Grand Canyon! Mike and Liz sent this shot of themselves sportin' Watermelon and California Flag during one of their summer adventures along the Rainbow Rim Trail. Now that's LUV.

If you have your own pix of SockGuy in action feel free to send them to: and if we pick you photo you'll earn a discount on your next purchase at

Enjoy the summer in cool comfort and LUV!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vancouver to Whistler on Two Muddy Wheels

The world of custom socks helps us make friends with some really cool peeps and some pretty amazing events. Like these cats from the West Coast of British Columbia with their BC Bike Race.

They took all their experience in MTB and adventure races and put the BC Bike Race together a couple years ago. We knew from the first glossy brochure that they weren't kidding around and the result is an incredible race from Vancouver to Whistler that sells out every year.

It's the kind of race you end up hearing riders whooping and hollering along the trail like little kids. The kind of race that's worthy of some vacation time...a few of us are even hoping we can work some extra time in to "support" the race and check it ourselves. If the sock empire-building heats up in June and we just can't make it happen at least we've got some of the extra socks we made for their event around and some epic photography to drool over...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fly V from Down Under, the Radar

The Fly V-SockGuy partnership began last year out of the pure excitement to support a great group of people. Seriously. We visited with them at events, incorporated rider feedback into product development, enjoyed the occasional stops they made by the SG World HQ's. It was a nice relationship with some exciting moments last season for sure. We knew they had aspirations to take it to the next level, but don't all competitors?

And then this year began. Podium, podium, podium. Tucson, Dana Point, Redlands. Everywhere they went they won. Who did Ben Day beat today? Who was Cantwell leaving in the dust this weekend? They are tearing it up this year, together, and we are just stoked for them.

The cornerstone of this success is something they call mateship. So important is it that every jersey has it printed inside. We LUV that. When we were recently sent a link to some fantastic cycling photography by Michael Crook that posted we knew we had to try and share it. It's a great illustration of their mateship and more material to feed the pure excitement around the big green world of SG. Cheers to the Fly V team and the talents of MISS Crook...check it:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kickin' San Dimas!

If you really want to make a statement:
#1 Lead a race start to finish
#2 Don't let 'em see you sweat

SockGuy's Ben Day and the Fly V team pulled off both at San Dimas this weekend. Our mate's win by a margin of 5 seconds in the time trail set the tone for the weekend early. A victory in 2009 to defend may have been all the pressure Ben needed, add the weight of that yellow jersey and you gotta keep your COOL COMFORT...but with his Ben tested, Ben approved, new SockGuy ProLite Base Layer this guy stayed cool AND in command throughout the weekend.

We're talking in command: with the help of a stellar Fly V team Ben held on to his yellow jersey through a tough 84 kilometer road circuit and defended his lead during San Dimas' final stage, the Old Town Crit that followed.

We congratulate Ben and the SockGuy sponsored Fly V on the big win and would like to thank them all for their product feedback during the development of our new line of base layers...



Monday, March 01, 2010

SockGuy Does the Mpumalanga!

The small town of Sabie was the recent host of the 7th South African Marathon Championships. A grueling 75km in the mountains of the Lowveld would provided a true marathon course and some very hard racing. It would also form the third leg of South Africa's MTN Marathon series, but with the coveted green and gold jersey up for grabs, and the title of SA Marathon champion, it was sure to be a hard fought race with all the country's top riders taking the start line.

A star studded field of over 524 riders in the 75km discipline saw
Sanet Small of SockGuy sponsored Ghost BBT take the 1st spot in the Senior Ladies. Sanet managed to overcome the challenges of 74 other riders in the category on Saturday to take the no 1 spot. Hellz yeah!

She had to have been sportin' some SockGuy Tough Girl for that show down! Our girl has clearly earned the privilege to sport the likes I've these:


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A letter from the toughest of critics - A TEENAGER!

Dear Mr. Sock Guy,

I recently ran in my second half marathon at the 2010 Carlsbad Half Marathon finishing in 1:45:10 which was a PR! I finished 4th in the Womens 17 year & under Division, 201st out of 4411 women, and 753rd out of 7140 total runners. Woo hoo! I have to say that wearing your SICK arm warmers (the very fashionable pink and black striped kind) helped me survive the day.

This was the first time I ran a race wearing any type of arm warmer as it was 44 degrees (brrrrr) at the 7:30am start. It had to be one of the coldest mornings ever in Carlsbad! Before the race I had to stand outside in the cold morning air for 45 minutes and my Sock Guy arm warmers allowed me to stay warm while I stood in the long line for the Porta-Potty :)

I kept the arm warmers on throughout the entire race as they kept me warm in the start, wicked moisture away from my arms and protected them from the wind during the race, and helped me look LEGIT at the finish line! I have to say that I will wear them again. Attached is a picture of me during the race. Thanks for making a great product!

XC Rules!
Haley Nordin

Friday, February 12, 2010


Raise the red flag and step back, the range is going HOT!

The Winter Olympics start today in Vancouver but SockGuy and Team USA Archery already have their sights set on London 2012. SockGuy recently teamed up with the USA Archery squad based right here in Southern California to deliver some patriotic custom arm warmers for our guys and gals in the Red, White and Blue!

Made in the USA for the USA, these arm warmers were put to the test in nasty weather earlier this winter during the 1000-arrow challenge where each athlete shoots 1000 arrows in a single day! With crosswinds, rain, and pressure shots the last thing you want to be worried about is a case of shivering arms. These babies are made out of the same moisture-wicking MD Acrylic that our socks are. So whether it's rain, sleet, snow, or sweat your arms are toasty-warm and dry, keeping you focused on the task at hand!

Want some custom armwarmers for your squad? Shoot us an e-mail at and we'll get your crew rocking the SockGuy Luv for your morning rides, runs, guessed it....shoots!