Monday, February 26, 2007

Employee of the week!

We have a new employee here at SockGuy and in true SGblog fashion I nominated him as EOW this week.

He is new so I can't give you too many details but, here is what I have thus far; He grew up in Downieville (so he is probably a hillbilly), For the past several years he has lived in Arcata (Humboldt Sate University, need I say more....), He is a huge fan of Reggae music (Eh Mon!, good lord I think I smell the green fog from here), He is a mountain biker so I'll give him props for that, He used to run a shop up in Arcata (Adventures Edge, they better be one of his first clients) and he doesn't believe in a carwash (money is spent elsewhere hint, hint....).

Introducing Chris Rinker......

Foley and I initiated him into SockGuy-dom by taking him to the Yardhouse during the Tour of California. If you can't handle your beer then you probably shouldn't work here. Chris looks like he will make it.

Welcome aboard Chris!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

As much as it hurts me to see this picture....

I am sure it will hurt your eyes just as much.

Yes that is Captain Cradboard in the middle. No those squares are not cutouts but, they are my flesh tone. Yuck.

To help your eyes and keep the laughs rolling.....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ivan Dominquez wins with SockGuy!

Congrat's Ivan!

He won the Roger Millikan Memorial Crit on Sunday wearing our race proven Royale GT's. We are excited to see the results these get this season. Keep the pictures coming!

Friday, February 09, 2007

New Socks just arrived!

We are now stocking the RideClean crew socks! They look great and will be a great addition to our selection of crew socks.

Plus friend of SockGuy, Angela Sucich, was sporting the socks at the show and getting loads of publicity.

Nuff said.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

YMCA Spin-a-thon

If you work for SockGuy and you don't know who this are not a team player.

Most of us from SG participated in a Spin-a-thon at the YMCA today. The event began at 7am this morning and lasted until 7pm. Our team decided to ride in one hour increments. Some of the other teams decided to ride multiple hours consecutively. Nah. D-Money started the SG train followed by Mrs D-Money. Bobo's Mom went third followed by yours truly in Pink Camo (of course) at 10am. T-Bag went on at 11 and Barf rode his heart out till 1pm. Senor Cardboard wearing Green Camo went on again at 1pm only to be followed by "The Artiste". My buddy Geri (short for Geritol) rode at 3pm at which point I rode again at 4pm. The 5pm slot was open so I called Vanilla who in a pinch rode 2 hours consecutive. Where was "THE" SockGuy you ask? Home with a bee sting....Did I mention Mrs. D-Money is 7 months pregnant? And Senor SG can't ride because of a bee sting? Did you notice how many times my fat ass (when I say fat I mean huge) rode that stinking bike? 3 hours. I sweated a gallon of water atleast.

I don't care what anyone says, that's a great workout! Thanks go out to Robin, George and Dabney for MCing a great event. Robin and Dabney even taught several of the hours and rode a couple as well!

SockGuy got a lot of exposure today, some good some bad. My last outfit was demoralizing to say the least. It didn't help when I was called to the mic and had to say a few words to the riders and then show the my outfit. I am sure pictures will surface and when they do I promise to try and post them.