Monday, October 09, 2006

The latest in dance crazes.....

"The Cady"

The first step is to leg kick and add some hand actions. It could be your normal pointing in the sky, pointing at your friend or pointing at the ground. In this case it's more of a "picking up the toaster" or a lazy robot.


The next step is to act like you sleeping in a sleeping bag but, standing up. Sort of like a "doing the Zombie" but, you have to keep you head down. Pictures don't give this dance justice. While in cocoon form your should twist your shoulders and ONLY YOUR SHOULDERS. No hip movement allowed!

Captain Cardboard danced with several ladies this weekend and I think it had to do with my hip new dance moves.



Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

There should be warnings for posts like these...

Dang that's funny. Is Derek asleep on his feet again? Narcolepsy is a bitch!

Sedrik Vomir said...

that is hilarious! does dancing like a zombie sleeping bag require any sort of substance abuse before hand?