Monday, April 25, 2011

Dealer Profile: Rock N Road Cyclery

Rock N' Road Cyclery, with stores in Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Anaheim Hills and Irvine, is one of our great dealers. We interviewed Director of Marketing Jeff Renteria to find out more about their stores. Here is what he told us:

1. What is Rock N' Road Cyclery best known for? 
Two words- Service and selection. Our goal is to make sure all of our customers (current or future) are offered the best products in the industry (like SockGuy) and that they have an enjoyable experience when they are in our stores. 

2. What do your customers love best about Rock N' Road Cyclery ?  
I think the answer is very similar to the answer to question #1.  Rock N' Road Cyclery is very passionate about the sport of cycling and that passion shows throught the quality of service and the quality of products we carry.  Our customers are always greeted by knowledgeable staff who love the sport.

3. What sports do Rock N' Road Cyclery customers enjoy?  
All forms of cycling- Mountain, Road, and Tri (which includes running and swimming)

4. What are the most popular SockGuy socks you sell?  
Custom Rock N' Road 6" crew

5. Why do you think Rock N' Road Cyclery customers like SockGuy socks?  
Our customers love the fact that SockGuy implants fun into a great product. Of course they love the superior quality of SockGuy- why not also have some great, fun styles?

6. Do you (Jeff) wear SockGuy socks? If so, what are your personal favorites?  
I do wear and love SockGuy socks.  I actually have two favorites- 1) custom Rock N' Road 6" crew.  2) any color or style of the 6" crew

7. What should everyone in the world know about Rock N' Road Cyclery?  
Rock N' Road is dedicated to offering our customers the highest quality products in the industry.  We are also dedicated to offering a retail experience that will not be forgotten.  We want our customers to enjoy the sport of cycling as much as we do.

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