Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Killer Team Profile: Wonderful Pistachios

We asked team owner and director Josh Horowitz about the Wonderful Pistachios and got some great answers!

What is the mission of your team?
The mission of the team is give cycling fans something to get pumped up about.  We want to be at all the great spectator-friendly races and make them really exciting.  We also want to give away lots and lots of pistachios.  Pistachios are one of the healthiest nuts, high in fiber and anti-oxidants and we want to spread the word.

What do the riders on your team have in common?
This team has the best chemistry of any team I’ve ever been a part of.  The common bond is that we are all doing this out of love for the sport.  I think the energy that this team has will not only translate into some big wins but also rub off on everyone we come in contact with throughout the season.

What does the team do for fun?
We ride!  This sport is too hard to do it for any other reason.

How does the team push itself to succeed?
The team will be using the tools and techniques provided by our sponsor Ultimate Sports Psychology to stay motivated and focused.  Sports Psychology and Hypnosis are absolute essentials to our team’s preparation process.  Check it out at

What is something that nobody knows about the team?
The origin of this team is actually quite unique.  I was inspired to enter the sport at the age of 13 after watching the Philadelphia International Championship.  I spent my entire life working towards the goal of one day starting the race.  Twenty years later, my career was winding up and I still had not had the opportunity to do it.  I knew the only way that I was going to get to do the race was if I brought my own professional team. I created the team (last year we were Adageo Energy) and entered the race.  The first lap around the parkway was one of the greatest moments of my life.  Now I am officially retired from racing and, having accomplished my lifelong dream, I am more than happy to move into a management role.

What does your team love about SockGuy socks?
I love SockGuy.  Ryan Cady and I used to race together and I think he has created an amazing company. They are constantly innovating new designs and new materials.  The best thing you can say about a pair of cycling socks is that you hardly notice them at all and that’s the great thing about SockGuy socks.  

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