Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Killer Team Profile: Team Cycles Brixton

Some of the riders from Team Cycles Brixton

1. What is the mission of your team?
To create an approachable and supportive developmental program in tandem with an elite level racing team in order to promote women's participation in competitive cycling events.

2. What do the riders on your team have in common?
Well, it's a women's team, so we're all women, and we ride Brixton bikes.  But in addition, the women on Team Cycles Brixton are not afraid to try new things; they're willing to put it all out there. They are also willing to sacrifice for the team, to work for their teammates.  These women work so well together they have been compared with some of the biggest ProTour teams in Europe.

3. What does the team do for fun?
Post-race sushi dinners at the Fish Joint in Oceanside!

4. How does the team push itself to succeed?
The women on the team encourage each other to reach their full potential.  In addition through team tactics, the women will work for each other, in that sense sacrificing to each other in order to get a teammate on the podium.
Team Cycles Brixton Riders love our "Hottie" sock!

5. What is something that nobody knows about the team?
Much of the growth of the team is sheer coincidence.  For example, we met our awesome graphics arts/team branding expert, Todd at Peloton Design at a gas station in Tucson while on a road trip because he noticed the bikes on top of our car! It's amazing how many of our sponsors and teammates came about simply by being in the right place at the right time.

6. What does your team love about SockGuy socks?
Super comfy and tons of awesome designs!

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