Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dealer Profile: Bicycle Sport Shop

Bicycle Sport Shop is one of our great dealers, so we interviewed Purchasing Manager Chris Donahue and Catherine De Stasio to find out more about their store. Here is what they told us:

1. What is Bicycle Sport Shop best known for? 
Bicycle Sport Shop is known for our huge selection of bikes and accessories, super knowledgeable and friendly salespeople, and award-winning service.

2. What do your customers love best about Bicycle Sport Shop?
We're an Austin institution.  We've been in business here for almost 30 years, so people know they can come into any one of our three shops and always get the products, quality and service they expect.  Plus, we produce a  yearlong series of truly unique and fun cycling events for all kinds of cyclists.

3. What sports do Bicycle Sport Shop customers enjoy? 
Our customers love to ride bikes, of course.  They also just enjoy being active, staying outdoors and socializing with each other.

4. What are the most popular SockGuy socks you sell? 
Silverback Gorilla, Margarita, Shark, and Wool Star (green w/red star).  And of course the Bicycle Sport Shop custom logo socks.

5. Why do you think Bicycle Sport Shop customers like SockGuy socks? 
This is Austin.  We love anything that's creative, fun and original.

6. Do you (Catherine and Chris) wear SockGuy socks? If so, what are your personal favorites? 
We both do, and it's hard to choose a favorite,  Chris has some great pairs of limited editions, but we're partial to our Bicycle Sport Shop ones.

7. What should everyone in the world know about Bicycle Sports Shop?
We're Austin-born bike shops run by people who love bikes, and we want to help get more people on bikes, more often.

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