Thursday, February 03, 2011

San Francisco to Long Beach Ride

Ryan Cady, one of our fearless leaders at SockGuy, completed an awesome ride down the coast last weekend. Aside from being jealous, we are stoked for him. Here is a recap and some pics.

Here is Ryan (in the middle) with Frank Schroeder on the left at a lookout point in Carmel.

Q&A With Ryan
1. Why are you doing the ride?
Just because I was invited and it’s a great group of people and a fun challenge.

2. Who is doing the ride?
Kevin Kruger has been organizing this ride for 15 years or more. He took it over from another friend who started it. It’s basically a group of accomplished amateur racers now racing in the “masters” (35 years old and up) category.
Mile 60 of 135 in Big Sur. 5 musketeers (of 18 total): Tom, Miguel, Ryan, Joe and Greg. It was a great day - we passed Hearst Castle and saw tons of whales and sea lions down the coast.

3. Where is the ride (to/from)?
Day 1 is San Jose to Carmel. Day 2 Carmel to SLO. Day 3 SLO to Ventura. Day 4 Ventura to Long Beach where Brian Keats (owner of SockGuy client La Habra Cyclery) lives.

4. Tell me something funny that happened on the ride.
New invitee Chris Daggs and finally returning veteran Frank Trottman, his roommate, were woken up at 7:30 (roll out time) on the second day by 15 guys ready to roll out for the longest day. They had to race to get ready and eat in the van as they drove to catch up to the rest of us who left on time. Energy bars and no coffee before an 8-hour day of riding is not a good way to start!
Here is the early photo when we got ambushed by the rain before I got my jacket on!

5. Is this an annual event? If so, when did it start?
Yes it is annual and has been going on for at least 20 years I believe.

6. Anything else I should know?
SockGuy Dad, Bob, drove the sag vehicle for the 2nd year in a row.

Final day ventura to long beach (finish). stop at Santa Monica to change
into dry clothes. Who says it doesn't rain in Socal? Good thing I've got my
killer rain jacket courtesy of our friends at Showers Pass Clothing in
Portland. 90 miles in the rain? No problem!

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