Monday, January 31, 2011

Killer Team Profile: Team RideClean

 Team RideClean ... Nice Socks!

1. What is the mission of your team? 
The RideClean Team exists to further the RideClean mission for Clean Sport which is to support a positive environment for avowedly clean athletes to develop and compete without the influence of performance enhancing drugs.  Our mission is achieved if we can show a clean path for youth and other athletes to compete while adhering to their conscience.  This balance allows the athlete to achieve their inner potential.

2. What do the riders on your team have in common?  The riders on the RideClean have varying ability and experience levels.  The team has a developmental squad, a womens squad, and a number of Elite Amateurs that contest at National Race Calendar events while representing the sponsors and the message of RideClean.

3. What does the team do for fun? 
While the hobbies of the team are as varied as the riders that make it up, the fun side is easily summed up by what we call "Snakes Rules" which state that the team should:
  • Have fun
  • Race Bikes
  • Eat Ice Cream
  • Go Swimming
  • Kiss podium girls (boys)
4. How does the team push itself to succeed? 
The fun factor and individual motivations as they come together to form team goals allow the team to succeed.  When the emphasis is on the process and not the end result, then success is already achieved.  When there are external pressures to achieve (by sponsors, by self, by family, by fans), they can lead athletes to go outside of themselves to please others.  We are all competitive by nature, and everyone likes to win, but by putting the stress on the fulfillment of individual potential and emphasizing the PROCESS over the RESULT, then success is achieved.

5. What is something that nobody knows about the team? 
What nobody knows about the team is that it is easy to climb aboard -- all you have to do is show that you are rowing the boat. 

6. What does your team love about SockGuy socks? 
The team LUVS SockGuy socks because SockGuy gets what RideClean is doing.  SockGuy was the first partner that RideClean had and has been with RideClean for 5 years.  Other than that, the fact that they are the most comfortable socks available doesnt hurt.  More wicking material than ANY other sock?  Sounds good...

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