Monday, January 17, 2011

Awesome Dealer Profile: Skinny Raven Sports

Since its inception in 1994 Skinny Raven Sports has been at the forefront of the Anchorage running community. The Skinny Raven Mission is to help people find the right footwear. The staff is well educated in the art of shoe fitting and they pride themselves on being able to accommodate even the most challenging foot types.

And, of course, they sell SOCKS, too! SockGuy Socks, to be specific. Skinny Raven is one of our great dealers, so we interviewed Chief Sock Buyer, Todd List, to find out more about their store. Here is what he told us:

1. What is SkinnyRaven best known for?
SkinnyRaven is best known for the customer service - whether we are helping a customer with footwear, offering free services such as polishing up their Danskos, stretching their shoes or just offering them coffee, we strive to help the customer and always give them our very best.

2. What do your customers love best about SkinnyRaven?
Our customers really appreciate our customer service and the overall atmosphere of Skinny Raven.

3. What sports do SkinnyRaven customers enjoy?
Our customers enjoy a wide range of activities including running, walking, skiing (downhill and Nordic), fishing, ice skating, squash, aerobics ... and lots more

4. What are the most popular SockGuy socks you sell?
The most popular SockGuy sock is the BEANO sock!

5. Why do you think SkinnyRaven customers like SockGuy socks?
Our customers LOVE the sockguy socks because there are so many FUN designs!

6. Do you (Todd) wear SockGuy socks? If so, what are your personal favorites?
I do wear sockguy socks. My favorite was the ¾ crew Raven sock. (NOTE from SockGuy: du-oh! That one's been discontinued ... maybe it's time to reconsider!)

7. How cold is it up there? Have you guys tried the SockGuy MTN-tech socks to keep warm?
In the winter the temperature is around 20 degrees. We have not tried the MTN tech sock. (NOTE from SockGuy: OK - we're sending you a care package - you'll love them!)

8. What should everyone in the world know about SkinnyRaven?
Everyone in the world should know that Skinny Raven is FUN! And our logo is cool :-)

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