Thursday, May 07, 2009

Is it the 'stache that makes him so fast?

SockGuy fans may notice downright lightning fast order fulfillment these days.  That's what happens when you start handing stacks of orders to someone like Zack. Someone who's used to gunning each lap faster and shaving seconds off race times. (Please note the resistance to all leg shaving comments that present themselves at this point.)   

Suffice to say, most peeps who suit up in spandex, clip-in, and reserve Wednesday mornings for "training rides",  are bound to have competitive streaks.  Apparently those training rides and all that frenetic zipping back and forth between the EliteTechs and the Channel Airs is paying off for the young Zman.  Our very own kicked some lycra bootie this past Sunday up at the Dana Point Grand Prix NRC Criterium.  Nice work Zack!  Now we can all stop wondering if you were really taking all those Wednesday mornings to sleep-in while the rest of us climbed into the sock empire trenches and began the daily dig.

Little does Zack know that he is just beginning to learn about the fun to be had back in the warehouse.  Those hairy grand prix turns he shared with the hairless will seem like child's play once we bust out the green machine.  He's young, full of promise and intelligent however, so we will be careful to not make the warehouse gig too entertaining...we'd never want him to end up like this in 15 years.

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