Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Celebrating the Biggest Win of Your Career

There are very specific times when jazz hands are supremely appropriate. 

Take for instance this moment in the life and times of SockGuy athlete, Phil Zajicek, captured by Casey B. Gibson at the 2009 SRAM Tour of the Gila Stage 5.

What pray tell was the cause for such joy?  

Could it be the fact that he just crushed two of the sport's biggest names? 

Could it be that his tootsies are wrapped in SockGuy LUV?  

We'll never know for sure.  What we can tell you is the next time Phil opts to rock his white EliteTech's we just might hook a brother up with some tanning lotion for those legs. 

But seriously.  Our LUV'ing congrats to Phil on showing Lance and Levi how to tame stage 5's Gila Monster.

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