Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vancouver to Whistler on Two Muddy Wheels

The world of custom socks helps us make friends with some really cool peeps and some pretty amazing events. Like these cats from the West Coast of British Columbia with their BC Bike Race.

They took all their experience in MTB and adventure races and put the BC Bike Race together a couple years ago. We knew from the first glossy brochure that they weren't kidding around and the result is an incredible race from Vancouver to Whistler that sells out every year.

It's the kind of race you end up hearing riders whooping and hollering along the trail like little kids. The kind of race that's worthy of some vacation time...a few of us are even hoping we can work some extra time in to "support" the race and check it ourselves. If the sock empire-building heats up in June and we just can't make it happen at least we've got some of the extra socks we made for their event around and some epic photography to drool over...

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