Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fly V from Down Under, the Radar

The Fly V-SockGuy partnership began last year out of the pure excitement to support a great group of people. Seriously. We visited with them at events, incorporated rider feedback into product development, enjoyed the occasional stops they made by the SG World HQ's. It was a nice relationship with some exciting moments last season for sure. We knew they had aspirations to take it to the next level, but don't all competitors?

And then this year began. Podium, podium, podium. Tucson, Dana Point, Redlands. Everywhere they went they won. Who did Ben Day beat today? Who was Cantwell leaving in the dust this weekend? They are tearing it up this year, together, and we are just stoked for them.

The cornerstone of this success is something they call mateship. So important is it that every jersey has it printed inside. We LUV that. When we were recently sent a link to some fantastic cycling photography by Michael Crook that encyclista.com posted we knew we had to try and share it. It's a great illustration of their mateship and more material to feed the pure excitement around the big green world of SG. Cheers to the Fly V team and the talents of MISS Crook...check it: www.encyclista.com

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