Thursday, August 21, 2008

There is a SockGal !

If you have every wondered, "if there is a SockGuy, then who is the SockGal?" Well we have the answer! Her name is Lola and she resides in Ohio, here is her story...

" The triathlon was a point to point tri. We were to put our running shoes, and anything else we'd need for the run, in a bag with our number on it. I put my running shoes in the bag and had every intention of dropping it off at the designated spot before the swim. When I went to put my shirt from the race in my car, I must have dropped my shoe bag in my car at that time. So, after riding my bike 27 miles, I hopped off to begin the 10k run. The volunteers directed me to the place where my number 11 shoes would be, but I only found the bag my wetsuit was in. I couldn't run in bike shoes, so I took off in my socks. My SockGuy socks!

Actually, I didn't do so bad running in only my socks and actually passed 3 people who were running in shoes. So, I wanted you to know... NO HOLES in my socks or my feet! :-) "

So there you have it! Lola finished the 10k running portion of a triathlon wearing nothing but SockGuy socks on her feet! (Terry Precision custom socks)
In our book, that makes her a true SockGal!

Congratulations Lola!

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