Monday, February 26, 2007

Employee of the week!

We have a new employee here at SockGuy and in true SGblog fashion I nominated him as EOW this week.

He is new so I can't give you too many details but, here is what I have thus far; He grew up in Downieville (so he is probably a hillbilly), For the past several years he has lived in Arcata (Humboldt Sate University, need I say more....), He is a huge fan of Reggae music (Eh Mon!, good lord I think I smell the green fog from here), He is a mountain biker so I'll give him props for that, He used to run a shop up in Arcata (Adventures Edge, they better be one of his first clients) and he doesn't believe in a carwash (money is spent elsewhere hint, hint....).

Introducing Chris Rinker......

Foley and I initiated him into SockGuy-dom by taking him to the Yardhouse during the Tour of California. If you can't handle your beer then you probably shouldn't work here. Chris looks like he will make it.

Welcome aboard Chris!

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