Monday, January 08, 2007

Inventory is finished.....

and The Captain is starting to catch up on orders. Lot's of new designs, new products and new ideas in the hopper. Let me know what you would like to see in the SG line (serious ideas will be posted). More Royale colors? Would you wear a sock that says "SockGuy" on the cuff? Should we bring back the offensive lineup (Bitch, Slut, etc.)? Are there colors you would like to see in our line (We don't have many orange socks)? Do you have a design you think would sell?

Let me know. If they are good I'll claim them as my own and maybe get some $$....Just kidding, they wouldn't give me more $$.

For your viewing pleasure....

Here is Rhonda. Earlier last year she was voted (by me) as employee of the month but, I didn't have a real picture of her. She is not happy here, she is not a fan of photography.

This is also a sneak peek into Captain Cardboards 2800 square foot office. This is the Wool/ Channel Air aisle.


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